Why E-mail Marketing
E-mail newsletters are the most economical way to communicate with customers and
prospects on a regular basis.  Periodic newsletters allow your company to stay in the
forefront of your customers' minds, so when the need arises they call you first.  E-mail
marketing is a great way to send out sales fliers, event postings, invites and to introduce
new products.  In addition, customers can easily forward your information along to their
friends and family, further increasing your marketing reach.

Why Creative E-Concepts
Creative E-Concepts offers full-service email newsletter campaigns.  Services include
optional article writing, template design, sending and tracking of the newsletter.  Our
staff will put together your business' newsletter from start to finish with
minimal work
from you

E-mail newsletters with Creative E-Concepts are 100% customizable, with a newsletter
design created specifically to reflect your business.  There is no long-term commitment
required and you are only charged when you send a newsletter, as opposed to a
recurring monthly fee.

Creative E-Concepts saves your business precious time in the newsletter process,
making it easy for you to keep on a regular newsletter schedule that your customers can
come to expect.

A Streamlined Process
With Creative E-Concepts, creating an email newsletter campaign is a simple five-step

  1. Determine the  topics (or supply text, if you will be providing this).
  2. Send any images that you would like included in the newsletter, as well as your
    company logo.  (This material can also be pulled off of your web site.)
  3. Creative E-Concepts will provide you with a draft of your newsletter.  You will then
    have the opportunity to make any changes.  You will be supplied with a new draft
    reflecting these changes.  *The newsletter will never be sent until it has been
    approved by you.
  4. Supply Creative E-Concepts with a list of your e-mail addresses.  This can be in
    a spreadsheet, Word document or simply pasted into an e-mail.  *The addresses
    you supply will never be used for any purpose other than your business' e-mail
  5. Creative E-Concepts will send your newsletter on the agreed upon date,
    following up with tracking numbers.

View Sample Newsletters
Click here to view sample newsletters online.  You can also email us at
sales@creativeeconcepts.com to have samples emailed to you.

Lets Get Started
For a quotation click here or contact sales@creativeeconcepts.com.  Please include
how many recipients your newsletter will be sent to, frequency of your newsletters and
whether the article text will be written by Creative E-Concepts, or if you will be providing
the text.
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